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How to test client experience
How to test client experience

Learn how to test your client experience in Profi before inviting your real client to work with you in Profi.

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To test client experience, we recommend to add yourself under ANOTHER REAL email address as a client and invite yourself to a service.

You'll receive an email to accept a service invitation and create a new client account.
For optimal experience, please use different browsers/devices for practitioner and client accounts.

Important: please note that the Practitioner<>Client role toggle allows switching between different roles of the same account only. You (as a practitioner) can't invite yourself (as a client) to a service within the same account.

Follow step-by-step instructions below to test client experience using different accounts.

How to test client experience (without inviting them to a Service):

  1. Add yourself (under another real email address) to your Client list first;

  2. Then copy & paste in a different browser/device a client account registration link

  3. Register a new client account using the other email address you've specified in step 1.

  4. Explore Profi from both practitioner and client sides.

How to test client experience in Sessions:

1. Services: Create a new or edit an existing session

2. Calendar: Schedule your session:

2.1. Click Add -> Session

2.2. Client: enter your OTHER REAL email address you have access to (it should be different from the one you've used for registering your current Profi practitioner account).

2.3. Click on the + button to confirm a new 'client' email address.

2.4. Choose your Session from the Services list, select a date and time, and add an optional custom message which will be added to the session invitation email.

3. You will receive an email with a session invite to the other 'client' email address you've specified.

After accepting the session invite, create your client account in Profi

After registering, you'll enter the Client portal

4. You can now test the session experience from both practitioner and client sides:
(we recommend to use different browsers or devices)

  • Go to Secure Messaging and chat with yourself (before, during, or after the session).

  • You'll receive session reminders 24h and 1h before the session.

  • When the session time comes, you'll get a prompt to start it and see the Profi video conferencing experience. As a host, you can also take private notes during the session.

How to test client experience in Programs (coming soon):

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