Client Journey in a Solo Workspace

Ensure a fantastic client experience

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Duration of Module 6: 6 Minutes

Progress in Training Program: 6/8 Modules Complete

This module is focused on the overall client experience in Profi. At the end of the module, you will be able to test your services as a client to ensure a fantastic client journey!

In this module you'll learn

How to create a wonderful client experience including:

First, let's discuss some best practices around the client experience in Profi.

Client Experience Tip:

  • We recommend using this trick to test with multiple email addresses

  • Some of our practitioners have asked about the best way to connect Profi to their website. Check out a sample here

Many of our practitioners find it helpful to introduce their clients to the Profi platform. Feel free to use the client introduction video or tips below to do this.

Client Introduction Tips:

What's Next?

You are ready to deliver your first service. Give yourself a pat on the back for your perseverance!

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