Set up a Team Workspace

Set up your new team workspace

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Duration of Module 2: 7 Minutes

Progress in Training Program: 2/8 Modules Complete

This module will get you started so you can create your team workspace, customize your team settings, complete your public page, sync a calendar, and add team members to your account.

In this module you'll learn

How to set up your team workspace including:

First, let's begin with a brief overview of your team workspace.

Overview of Team Workspace Tips:

  • Throughout the training, we will refer to the team admin and team member roles. A definition of each is below.

  • Team Admin: The person who creates a workspace. A team admin has access to admin settings for the workspace and can manage other team members in the workspace. The team admin has access to create and manage the services list and manage clients within the workspace.

  • Team Member: A member of a workspace who has been added by the team admin. While a Team Member is a service provider, responsible for scheduling and delivering a service, the Team Member does not have access to admin settings in the workspace.

Now that your team workspace has been created, let's customize your team settings to ensure an on-brand experience for your clients.

Logo Tips:

  • Your logo should be in a horizontal format and a JPG, PNG, or SVG.

  • Transparent images look fabulous in Profi. An image must be a PNG to have a transparent background. is a free resource for removing the background of an image.

  • The ideal size for your logo is 700x100 pixels & the file size should be no more than 2 megabytes.

Icon Tips:

  • Your icon should be in a square format & saved as an icon (.ico). For example, 16x16 pixels.

  • If you do not have a team icon already created, there are several free favicon generators available online to help create your icon. is one resource but there are many great options to choose from!

Next, let's walk through the steps to complete your public page so potential clients can learn about you.

Public Page Tips:

  • The recommended dimensions for your profile picture are 694x280px. A free resource for resizing your profile picture is

  • Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

Sample Public Page:

  • Liz is the team admin of the Baseline team. A link to her public page is here!

  • Another option is to build the team admin account with a more generic name and then add each team member to the workspace (including Liz). The team admin account could be titled with the name of your team, business, or a different name that makes sense for you and your business. This decision will be based on the client experience you are looking to provide.

After that, let's sync your calendar and set up your working hours to streamline your bookings.

Calendar Sync Tips:

  • Calendar syncing options can not be customized. A calendar can either be connected or disconnected.

  • Calendar events must have a busy status to block the time on a calendar.

  • A team admin can only view a team member's events if they are created in Profi. The team admin can not see any calendar invitations/details from an external calendar.

Finally, let's add team members to your workspace so you can begin to create & offer services!

Add Team Members Tip:

  • Team members can be added at any point within the settings tab.

What's Next?

Now that your workspace is set up, it's time to do your first happy dance!

Are you ready to create a service? Select the button below to continue to module three.

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