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Enhancements that impact Solo practitioners in Profi
Enhancements that impact Solo practitioners in Profi

End-of-year enhancements to your Solo Profi experience. Introducing Profi Team for professional service providers!

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If you’re a Solopreneur (and don’t have a Team yet), you’ll notice a few pleasant changes to your Solo workspace:

  • 🎨 Redesigned left-side menu. To ensure a consistent user experience between Solo and our new Team workspaces, we’ve refreshed your left menu and made your account details more visible there.

  • 📨 You get your own Inbox. We’ve taken all your notifications (from under the 🔔 bell) and moved them into your own inbox.

  • 💳 Revamped Payments page. See a much more detailed, scannable (and exportable) view of all your transactions on the new payments page.

Want to request a personalized walkthrough or chat with us about your growing Team’s needs?

Happy collaborating!

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