Team workspace: Basics

Set up and start managing your Team Workspace in Profi

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This article will get you started with Profi Team so you can create your first team workspace, invite team members, share services and understand your special access as a Team Manager.

In this article you’ll learn

The initial set-up of your Team workspace including:

And for Team Managers, who will act as Workspace Administrators, learn:

Create your first Team Workspace

As a profi practitioner, to create your Team Workspace:

  1. In the pop-up, select the link to Create team workspace

  2. Name your workspace

  3. Then add new team members by email address

Create your first Profi Team workspace

💡 Profi Tip: add new members to your team individually or a few at a time by entering multiple teammate email addresses into the Add team members field. You can also skip this step and add your teammates later by selecting the Add later link.

Switch between your Solo and Team Workspaces

Switching between your new Team and existing Solo workspaces is simply a matter of two clicks:

  1. Select your account name

  2. Select your workspace

No need to log in and out.

What can you do with your Team in Profi?

  • Collaborate on everything! Team workspace is just like your Solo workspace but with team collaboration ✨ superpowers. ✨

  • Co-manage clients. Assign multiple team members to work with and manage clients.

  • Tag-team your service delivery. Easily assign team members as hosts to deliver services. And give your clients the flexibility to schedule with different people on your team.

Share services with your Team in Profi

  • Team booking link: Your entire team gets a unique booking link so clients can book services with any of you. Once a client chooses their preferred session time, they’ll get to choose who they want to work with from a list of team members (hosts) you’ve assigned to deliver that service.

Profi Team session choose from multiple team member hosts
  • Team service landing pages: Voilá! Every service you create automatically generates a landing page with hosts available to deliver that service.

Profi Team service landing page

So start sharing your Team services with clients, scaling your client list and revenue!

Oh, and speaking of results tracking… did we mention the ✨ extra-extra superpowers ✨ you’ll have as a Team Admin?

Additional Team Admin views and controls

🕹️ As a Team manager, or Admin, you have access to additional views and controls including:

  • 💲 Centralized Team Billing. One source of truth for all client payments across team services. Withdraw payments to your Stripe/Paypal account at any time!

  • 📅 Centralized Team Calendar. At-a-glance view of your entire team calendar and all client bookings.

Profi Team Calendar of bookings across your service team
  • 👥 Roles + Access permissions. Invite, assign and manage your team members’ roles and level of access in Profi.

  • 📈 Revenue + Service Delivery Dashboard. Track your team’s earned revenue and services delivered by month.

Profi Team Dashboard showing monthly revenue and services

💡 Profi Tip: Branding is essential. Don’t forget to add your Team logo and description in Settings to ensure an on-brand experience for your clients!

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Happy Holidays and happy collaborating!

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