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Watch this Profi platform demo video to get a complete overview of our all-in-one operating system for professional service providers.

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📹 Watch our platform demo video

Profi is the only all-in-one operating platform for professional service providers to optimize and scale your business by unifying your client experience and dramatically reducing your administrative burden.

In this 👇 video, we'll walk you through our core platform features so you can get started using Profi to help more people and drive impact at scale.

What this platform demo video covers:

Below is what you can learn in this overview demo video with (video timestamps) marked in parenthesis.

  • Set up your profile, Public Page and Branding (0:31)

  • Get started with your Calendar (1:54)

  • Set up client Sessions or Meetings (2:57)

  • What's a Live Session like? (7:07)

  • Get started with Programs and Courses (7:47)

  • Client Management basics (10:07)

  • Secure Messaging basics (10:40)

  • Form basics (11:03)

  • Blog Publishing quick overview (12:39)

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